Ukrainian’s IT Sector

Ukrainian’s IT Sector

What Has Changed After Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion?

The ongoing war in Ukraine has significantly impacted the country's economy, and the IT industry is no exception. Prior to this attack, Ukraine had established itself as a major player in the tech field, both as a leading exporter of IT services and a popular IT hub in Europe. With an impressive annual growth rate of over 20 percent and export revenues contributing almost 5 percent to the country's GDP, Ukraine had emerged as a strong contender in the global IT market. This article delves into the impact of war on the industry, examining both the challenges and opportunities that arose as a result. We will also discuss how businesses have adapted and continued to thrive in the face of these barriers.

IT Sector Situation in US and Europe?

The possibility of a recession in the United States sparked discussions after the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis reported a decline in the country's economy for two consecutive quarters in July 2022. Despite mixed opinions from economists, concerns regarding a potential recession continue to be a recurring topic in news outlets. Moreover, other factors such as the government's debt ceiling, the ongoing war in Ukraine, the persistent pandemic, and increasing interest rates pose a threat to the overall economic stability.

North America and Europe are among the two largest contributors in terms of job availability and income generation in the world.

On average, a technology industry worker in the United States earns $71,809 annually, which is approximately $20,000 higher than the national average salary of $51,480 per year. Even newcomers to the tech industry earn an average of $53,000, surpassing the average American salary.

The Eurozone has experienced a drop in inflation, bringing it back to single digits for the first time since August. This development has raised optimism that the unprecedented surge in consumer prices, which has been the worst the bloc has ever faced, may have reached its peak.

In today's digital age, the European Commission has identified Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a key driver for promoting smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth across the region.

The integration of ICTs and the internet has revolutionized the European economy, fostering increased use of broadband applications and services and the widespread adoption of wireless devices, including smart devices and their innovative applications. As such, the continued development and expansion of ICTs are essential to ensuring the future success of the European economy and its people.

The Ukrainian IT Sector During War

IT companies in Ukraine have impressively demonstrated their adaptability during the war. They avoided significant losses by implementing continuity plans and relocating teams within Ukraine or abroad. Currently, the IT industry in Ukraine continues to employ around 300,000 individuals. Additionally, positive developments in the EU, including a decrease in inflation rates and a rise in job openings in the technological sector, provide hope that the most challenging phase of this crisis is behind.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the IT sector has proven its resilience and even displayed growth, with a remarkable $2 billion in export services revenue recorded in the first quarter of 2022. The technology industry in Ukraine has not only sustained 95% of its contracts, but it has also managed to exceed pre-war levels.

Ukrainian IT companies are thriving in various fields, such as software development, UI/UX design, cloud services, AI/ML, data analytics, cybersecurity, and other areas of expertise. It is worth noting that 3% of developers are actively involved in military operations, with many participating in territorial self-defense and 12% to 15% playing a crucial role in state cyber defense.

The IT sector in Ukraine has showcased its impressive ability to adapt and grow, despite the challenges of war. Their commitment to providing top-notch IT services while actively participating in national defense highlights the industry's importance to the country's economy and security.

Why Ukraine is Worth Considering for Outsource?

Despite the challenging situation in Ukraine, the IT industry is still progressing, and we have compiled a list of the top 10 Ukrainian IT recruitment companies that aid in the development of IT firms in the country.

CNA International IT

A recruitment agency that helps startups and product companies hire highly skilled technical specialists, including executives. The agency was established in 2013 in Kyiv.


A Uzhgorod-based recruitment agency that has been recruiting exceptional IT talent for Ukrainian and foreign companies since 2013. The company has over 40 employees and offers services based on client needs.


Odesa-based recruitment firm that connects businesses with top-notch IT talent in Eastern Europe and LATAM. The team of 50 technical recruiters is reliable and helps companies hire software engineers with strong technical and soft skills.

Job Advice Agency

This is a Kyiv-based recruitment company that focuses on IT recruitment. With a team of 55 professionals led by CEO and founder Marina Portna, JAA is known for its highly personalized approach.


IT-focused recruitment agency founded in Kyiv in 2014. With a team of 40+ employees, the company's mission is to connect talented individuals with companies to create innovative products that improve people's lives.

Capital Recruiters

Recruitment firm that has been operating in Kyiv since 2007, specializing in IT recruitment for businesses in Ukraine as well as the US and EU, particularly Poland. The team of 36 professionals has a wealth of experience in selecting top IT specialists.


An Odesa-based recruitment agency that specializes in middle, senior, and C-level IT professionals. The company was established in 2017 and currently has 35 employees, and also offers HR consulting services.


An IT-focused recruitment agency that was established in Lviv in 2015, with a mission to find and hire the best IT talent. The company has 29 employees and is led by cofounder Bogdan Makh.


A recruitment agency that connects Ukraine's best talent with international production companies within 30 days. They take time to understand their client's vision and search for the best matches, providing a personalized experience for candidates.


A Kyiv-based IT recruitment agency that was founded in 2019 and employs 26 specialists. They have experience in finding the rarest IT talent and aim to make the recruitment process enjoyable for their clients.


Despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, the IT industry has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, employed around 300,000 individuals, and exceeded pre-war levels. Ukraine's IT industry is worth considering for outsourcing, aided by top IT recruitment companies, and plays an essential role in the country's economy and security.