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About The Project

On the 24th of February the full-scale war started in Ukraine. A lot of buildings are destroyed, a lot of lives are ruined and a lot of people suffer from the Russian invasion.
AIESEC in Ukraine, an organization led by aware youth created a Humanitarian aid project “Lead for Peace” that is aimed to help Ukraine in times of crises. 
Civilian population affected by the war suffer from lack of food, water, medecine, hygiene items and other life-necessary stuff. We gather humanitarian aid and donations from abroad and in Ukraine. We review personal requests of people and we organize all needed logistics to deliver the production to the needy.   
You can join us and contribute against the war in Ukraine. 

How can you help?

Gathering Humanitarian Aid

You can contact us directly if you can help with humanitarian aid or share useful contacts. 


All donations will be used for humanitarian aid or for providing logistics.

Sharing information about the war in Ukraine

You can share about our project in your social media or you can share about the war in Ukraine to remind the world about it. 

Reading of trustworthy news 

To stay aware of the war in Ukraine you should read trustworthy news ( you can check it below)

Our results

Since the war started we already have results! 
Members of the AIESEC in Ukraine in the town of Chernivtsi, with the help of the charity fund "We are close" and HelpUkraine.center, provided internally displaced people with about 1 ton of humanitarian aid.

Humanitarian aid included:● hygienic sets (shampoo, soap, toothbrush and paste, towel, shavers and feminine hygiene products)● Men's summer shoes 40-48 size● Women's shoes size 35-41● Bed linen● Mattresses● Pillows● Blankets
Residents of the village of Vikno, Chernivtsi region, who take care of displaced people, have already received help. 

Contact us

if you can help with humanitarian aid or share with us useful contacts


Oleksandra Motashko

Vice President of Partnership development and Humanitarian Aid

AIESEC in Chernivtsi



Asya Shevchenko

Vice President of Humanitarian Aid Project

AIESEC in Kyiv



Vasilisa Hudik

Vice President of Partnerships and Alumni Relations 

AIESEC in Kharhiv



Iryna Yarova

 Vice President of Partnership Development and Event Management

AIESEC in Lviv



Liubomyr Ilkiv

Vice President of Humanitarian Aid Project

AIESEC in Lviv



Oleksandra Loktik

Vice President of International Relations

AIESEC in Lviv


Info is important. Truth is important!

Keeping the information front(showing truthful information) is one of the main tasks for Ukraine now
How to detect disinformation? (Due to NATO)


Check the source

Look at the source of the information - who published and shared it? A site that does not clearly state editorial Responsibility is not credible. You can try one of the free bot detectors and online tools such as NewsGuard.


Check the tone

Misinformation is often intended to provoke an emotional reaction. Fear and anger are the main drivers of misinformation.


Test your prejudices

Think about whether you share the content of the message because you know it's true, or simply because you agree with it.


Here you can find news that concerns not only Ukraine but the whole world.

Official account of the Parliament of Ukraine.

The official channel of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

You can help Ukrainians!

We are striving for peace and fulfilment of humankind's potential even in such a complex and uncertain time. By taking action and supporting our people we want to contribute positively to their lives and keep them safe.